Тонкослойные покрытия предполагают очень ровное и прочное основание, а также отсутствие трещин, поскольку именно основание определяет эксплуатационные свойства пола в целом. Тонкослойные покрытия предназначены для легких и средних механических нагрузок (пешеходные зоны). В случае более высоких нагрузок (автопогрузчики, автомобили), мы настоятельно рекомендуем укладывать покрытия большей толщины.

Silikal Reactive Resin Concrete Floor Covering: The Concrete Floor Systems You Want.

Although laity not involved in construction are not aware of this, concrete floor systems need a concrete floor covering, and nothing is better than Silikal for the job. You see concrete floor covering is necessary to protect the concrete from damage coming from industrial machinery, as well as various industry chemicals that can begin to decompose the concrete. Thus concrete floor systems are a necessity, and the best is called Silikal. You see Silikal is made from a reactive resin base. This means that the seal on the concrete is complete. Not all concrete floor systems work that well. If you consider, for example the industrial garages, a concrete floor covering needs to deal with engines, grease, paints and oils as well as lye. Thus Silikal has been created to defeat all of these potentially damaging concrete floor systems. You will note if you look at pictures of where Silikal has been placed that it goes not only to the wall but some inches from the floor to encompass some of the wall. This means that no matter what kind of cleanser is used to keep the concrete floor covering clean, it is just a matter of cleansing even a bit of wall, where most damage occurs with other concrete floor systems. Thus items such as grease and lye cannot gain a foothold into the completely sealed concrete floor covering.